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Synonyms of carpenter


Definition of carpenter


a person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures.

I started life as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, and I always remember my first job application being turned down because my marks in chemistry were not high.

make by shaping wood.

the rails were carpentered very skillfully

carpenter definition and meaning. What does carpenter definination?

Example of carpenter

  • ‘There is a huge shortage of carpenters and joiners in Scotland,’ he said.

  • After serving with the Royal Corps of Signals in 1945, Mr Brock became an apprentice carpenter and joiner.

  • Apprenticeships available for youngsters include stonemasonry; bricklaying; carpenters and joiners and roof-slaters and tilers.

  • Early unions followed the British model of craft-based associations among printers, tailors, cordwainers, cabinet-makers, shipwrights, carpenters , and stonemasons.

  • Having finished his apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner, Don went to officer cadet school at Portsea, becoming a second lieutenant.

  • He himself could carpenter , bank, farm and ranch.

  • He was a carpenter and joiner by trade and served in the army during World War II.

  • He worked for many years with wood, both as a carpenter and doing fine wood-working.

  • His estimated cost for repairs seemed high, so I hired a carpenter at about half the price.

  • I once gave a contract to a local carpenter for some repairs on my house.