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Definition of butcher


a person selling refreshments, newspapers, and other items on a train or in a stadium or theater.

a person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop.

Markets often have butchers or cooked meat shops that specialize in the head and trotters, that is, the non-organ meats that are not suitable for stews and kebabs.

slaughter or cut up (an animal) for food.

The ponies would be butchered in foreign slaughterhouses and could end up on menus in countries such as France, where the meat is a delicacy.

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Example of butcher

  • ‘He is a butcher , he tortures people, kills them personally,’ Mr Rumsfeld said in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • a callous butcher of men

  • A civilized species does not kill, maim, butcher , blow up, whatever you want to call it.

  • a pork butcher

  • A son of Patrick and Gabrielle O'Rourke, he has been a butcher in the Food Experience in Sligo for the past six years.

  • Also, Mr Clarke can butcher a beast for his shop on a wooden block behind the counter.

  • And all it does is, you know, reinvent his image as a murderer and as a butcher , and it reminds people of what people believe he did.

  • And why should a studio butcher its own work when those abusing it freely admit that, no, they haven't even seen the movie?

  • Another case for their records, another freak they can ogle and prod like a piece of meat in a butcher 's shop.

  • He is the godfather of the settlement movement, a butcher and the master of a brutal and relentless occupation.