bust Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of bust

Definition of bust


a period of economic difficulty or depression.

But as some economists have pointed out: the longer the boom, the bigger the bust .

a raid or arrest by the police.

How to fight back against a bad bust or police harassment was something that he and fellow musicians had been discussing for years.

a sculpture of a person's head, shoulders, and chest.

His architectural sculpture and terra-cotta portrait busts of leading citizens were much admired in their day.

a woman's chest as measured around her breasts.

For 25% of volunteers there was an average inch loss of up to 1 inch from the torso measurements including the bust , waist and hips.

a worthless thing.

Between 1990 and 2000, 12 of the 21 quarterbacks taken in the first round were busts , by my definition of the term.

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Example of bust

  • As a result, if you cross the line too much, your game can bust your company.

  • But even success-only fee lawyers will find it difficult to act for a bust business.

  • But the products are expected to be snapped up by even more women keen to increase the size of their bust .

  • By making it hard for us to unionize these workers, they are showing that they want to bust the union.

  • DEA agents sometimes pose as chemical salesmen in order to bust suspected ecstasy cooks.

  • Due to increased bust and nipple size, I removed them at the end of my first trimester.

  • Here is a look at this year's potential first-round receivers, with their chances of being an NFL bust denoted by a risk factor.

  • I saw him literally bust one guy in half with shots to the body.

  • I think New York has so many tunnels due to a subway craze at the turn of the century and when the bubble burst and the companies went bust the tunnels got sealed off.

  • In addition to last April's bust , Hengchun police said last summer they also arrested drug users at Baishawan, a secluded beach they believe to be a favorite spot for ecstasy users.