bump Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of bump

Definition of bump


a light blow or a jolting collision.

He didn't see the scorched metal walls or feel the thuds and bumps as they drove over drift after drift.

a loosely woven fleeced cotton fabric used in upholstery and as lining material.

Looking ahead, Valentini says she's exploring other uses for her Bump fabric, possibly as an industrial upholstery or wall covering.

a protuberance on a level surface.

How many babies before mine have been jolted awake by the bumps and cracks in the concrete created by unruly tree roots and water damage?

an increase.

And by comparing the two emission bumps , scientists can begin to learn even more.

knock or run into someone or something, typically with a jolt.

Darcy gave a little whimper, and then Austin distinctly heard the sound of something bumping against the tile.

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Example of bump

  • As soon as they passed over the ridge they experienced a considerable air bump throwing the aircraft suddenly upwards on the windward side.

  • Colouring and flavouring surface baits such as pellets chum mixer and crust can further improve takes, but often species such as carp will bump and knock such baits.

  • Ever since Make Up's release, however, Hot Hot Heat have apparently been trying their damnedest to bump Interpol off the cover of the Post-Fame Jinx Handbook.

  • Grass ticks are about the size of a pinhead and cause little reaction other than an itchy bump at the bite site.

  • He said later, after being carpeted by the editor and having to apologise to the woman, that he distinctly heard the bump as she dropped the phone and a louder bump as she fainted.

  • I have this gross bump on my eyelid, and it's so painful.

  • I heard the bump as the truck drove over the bridge.

  • I think all the polls in the last week since the announcement have shown a slight bump for the ticket, somewhere between three and four points.

  • I think he really thought it was perfectly OK to knock people, to bump people and get by them and go on and win.

  • If not for the TV, I was sure I would have been able to hear the box jerk and bump across the attic floor at night.