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Definition of bubble


(of a liquid) contain bubbles of air or gas rising to the surface.

He looked inside, and the dark brown liquid bubbled slightly, sizzling.

a marine mollusk that typically has a thin scroll-like shell.

When the animal dies, the shells often wash up on beaches and are hard to distinguish from the bubbles produced by waves splashing on the shore, hence the name ‘ bubble shells .’

a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas.

Blow bubbles - use washing-up liquid or a bottle of bubble mixture to create shimmering bubbles in the air, then watch them float away.

a transparent domed cover or enclosure.

What we need to do is to enclose the entire ground in a gigantic transparent plastic bubble .

used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last.

It was such a polished, and tight performance that even if you had been living in a bubble you could tell these guys were seasoned pros.

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Example of bubble

  • All in all, it has remained an isolated bubble - abstract, experimental, and virtual.

  • Although officials denied that the city's real estate market is in a dangerous bubble , they are thinking of ways to slow its further expansion.

  • Amy is currently in an isolation bubble to protect her from infection.

  • An earlier passage reflects a similar assessment of the reality in which she lives: "I had spent my early childhood in the U.S. where I lived in a bubble created by my Puerto Rican parents".

  • And the way she acted was like she had been shielded from all of the awful, cruel, inhumane things of the world, like she was in the safety of her own bubble .

  • As a result, much of the child's short life is spent in a sterile plastic bubble , a barrier to potentially life threatening infectious organisms.

  • At a formal level, experimentation started in a bubble of isolation, but decidedly against the tropes of the zhuanti pian.

  • Drawn beads are produced from a bubble of molten glass that is drawn into a long hollow tube.

  • Earlier this month, a cover story depicted him as living inside a bubble , isolated from knowledge of the real world.

  • Granted, RMS lives in his own little bubble half the time