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Definition of brute


a savagely violent person or animal.

But that, in a way, is what it is to be a human being: an aesthete and yet still a savage, a moral being with a brute 's appetite.

unreasoning and animallike.

This means that even brute action is a form of contemplation, for even the most vulgar or base act has, at its base and as its cause, the impulse to contemplate the greater.

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Example of brute

  • ‘It was a brute of a ball from Cassar and I don't think I could have done anything to avoid it,’ added Vaughan.

  • Aesthetic values, on the other hand, are a celebration of mind over matter, a refusal to yield to the brute presence of the given, the triumph of imagination, anticipation and longing, over the world of things.

  • Animals are governed by brute instinct and lack the intellectual capacity to understand the nature of their situation or do much to improve it.

  • Beating addictions needs more expert advice and just brute will-power is very unlikely to work.

  • But Carrot is actually the figure in the unconscious of every policeman and every criminal, who stands for justice, and who makes policing something more than the exercise of brute force.

  • But the people of Puerto Rico are also human beings with a right to live and prosper that brute force cannot deny.

  • Distraught pet owners have offered a reward to find the brute who slashed their cat with a knife and left it for dead with a 12-inch gash across its back and side.

  • He's a brute , an offense to human decency.

  • I used to know a guy who said, ‘There is no problem so subtle or complex that it can't be solved by brute force and ignorance.’

  • I was quite surprised by how easy it was to drive for such a big brute of a car and I found it easy to adapt to automatic in it.

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