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Synonyms of broadswords

Definition of broadswords


a sword with a wide blade, used for cutting rather than thrusting.

The sword was just as deadly as a broadsword but lighter and easier to handle.

broadswords definition and meaning. What does broadswords definination?

Example of broadswords

  • First of which, the hair was in a ponytail and her sword was a black broadsword .

  • He himself took his broadsword , katana and short hunting knife for his leg.

  • He leapt from his chair and hurtled around the desk, pausing only for a second at the door to strap on his gun and a broadsword .

  • He raised his sword arm in a fit of rage, preparing to strike her with his broadsword , leaving himself wide open for attack.

  • His arms were thick and muscular, on his back was strapped a thick broadsword , it's hilt made of bronze and silver.

  • Hung on the walls were swords of every kind: kodachis, katanas, fencing swords, even the heavy and antique broadswords .

  • In the case she noticed a gargantuan broadsword , the blade about four and a half feet long.

  • She saw three men rush in, all carrying broadswords , heavy swords that were almost as hard to block as axes.

  • Suddenly the boy's eyes flashed a dark blue before he began to charge forward, swinging his broadsword with a single arm.

  • The armored soldiers, bearing their large broadswords , axes and spears, flooded into the cave, making the only exit closed from escape.