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Definition of broad


(of a regional accent) very noticeable and strong.

‘But I've been doing it that long, you don't notice,’ he says in a broad Wearside accent.

a woman.

But this is a good show that not only evokes Merman's artistry, but also reminds us that she helped transform Broadway leading ladies from demure innocents to tough and knowing broads .

covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas.

However, that's sort of unfortunate since democracy thrives when citizens are able to debate a broad range of subjects rather than deferring to the judgment of the experts.

general; without detail.

Beyond that, I'm reluctant to make broad generalizations.

having an ample distance from side to side; wide.

A large bay flows into a broad blue river that flows through the heart of the city.

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Example of broad

  • As a general orientation, its broad contours may frequently be discernible in social research, but it is also the case that we often find departures from it.

  • Beyond that, I'm reluctant to make broad generalizations.

  • Bush reached out for the broad support of Americans on Wednesday, even those who voted against him.

  • Clearly there's some unfairness of the tax code; it's got broad support if we eliminate the marriage penalty tax and the death tax.

  • Home Rule was not a natural demand of the working class, and Biagini exaggerates the anti-statism of the working class, as there was broad support for intervention and regulation of the economy.

  • However, Greenspan dropped broad hints that future cuts could be more modest.

  • I don't know why I don't have a broad Lancashire accent.

  • In formulating its position the labour movement adopted, initially, a broad agenda of change based on an incomes policy.

  • It was this colour that tinted his broad moustache, and the short, precise goatee on his chin.

  • Lifeline Sudan flies in Hercules in broad circles over the area days before food drops.