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rattle (something).

brattling definition and meaning. What does brattling definination?

Example of brattling

  • From these mountains and hills a vast number of streams and brattling brooks discharge themselves into the lake; its principal tributary however, is the Endric, which flows into the south-east corner of the lake.

  • It is a lively sound, a busy tinkling, the incessant brattling and from time to time rushing, crashing sound of this falling ice, and trees suddenly erecting themselves when relieved of their loads.

  • On top of that, he is made to sing phrases like: ‘These brattling birds!’

  • Over the ledge lies an Atlantic of vapor without sail or shore, and through the hemlocks on North mountain the wind brattles like a hurricane.

  • Where so long I have heard only the brattling and moaning of the wind, what means this tenser, far-piercing sound?