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stupid; foolish.

She didn't show the slightest discomfort at being flirtatious or coming across as a brainless bimbo.

brainless definition and meaning. What does brainless definination?

Example of brainless

  • And while seemingly well adjusted, Ruben too is dispirited, trading on the bodies and brainlessness of his fighters for a few dollars and the dream of the big time.

  • And with House Of Wax's combination of brainlessness and boredom, that's a truly scary thought.

  • Any brainless idiot can break something and any halfwit with a box of matches can start a fire.

  • As if making and receiving calls were not dangerous enough, I have seen some brainless drivers reading text messages at the wheel.

  • But it's hard to be motivated about a project you're really sick of, that's mostly brainless .

  • Churchy is a little too brainless to resist evil at first, though too good-natured to persist in it.

  • Don't succumb to the squealing demands of the noisy and brainless .

  • Even when they're labelled stupid and brainless , they receive the news with huge smiles on their faces.

  • For once they are not cartoons but people whose intelligence is pleasantly plausible instead of being a brainless plot device.

  • He's the stupid, brainless one, and I won't give him any satisfaction.