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a city in northern Utah, north of Salt Lake City; population 44,473 (est. 2008).

large in quantity; abundant.

With the Kildare town bypass approved, with a section cutting through the Irish National Stud, the offer of Kildangan was a bountiful gift.

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Example of bountiful

  • A visually stunning and bountifully informative 500-page coffee-table book of the same name has also been published as a companion to the series.

  • Breakfast was, like all the meals, a leisurely affair taken from an overflowing buffet of fresh fruits or bountiful sausages, eggs and yes, home-cured bacon!

  • But the draw there for Evan was the rich and bountiful entertainment industry.

  • But these questions are beyond the purview of this study, which is already long and bountifully illustrated with examples and case studies.

  • Emotion, drama and art have been in bountiful supply.

  • For an intro to Thai food, suffice it to say it involves a bountiful supply of exotic ingredients and herbs like lemon grass, basil, the kaffir lime, galangal and more.

  • He took nourishment from press conferences, where he was notably generous, but not bountiful enough to promise a match.

  • In so bountifully expressing his humanity through those inhuman few months, he made more of a mark on history than any of us will.

  • Is there a richer or more bountiful collection of resources to be found on the Web today?

  • Its bountiful supply of offshore oil should make it one of Africa's richest countries.