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(of a ball) rebounding up and down.

Ever been invited to follow the bouncing ball across a line of lyrics on a movie screen?

(of a check) be returned by a bank when there are insufficient funds to meet it.

The cheque bounced and he was eventually forced to sell his business.

(of a person) jump repeatedly up and down, typically on something springy.

He bounces happily up and down on his piano stool.

(of an object, especially a ball) move quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it; rebound (once or repeatedly).

The ball bounced off the wall, off the floor and back into his hand.

eject (a troublemaker) forcibly from a nightclub or similar establishment.

They immediately bounced him out of the club.

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Example of bouncing

  • At first I thought it was more of those bouncing balls, but these ones only bounced about a foot then stayed there.

  • At once he was absorbed with the bouncing orange ball.

  • Both mother and child are doing very well, and the bouncing baby boy weighed in at seven pounds and 10 and a half ounces.

  • But I always line up behind a bouncing ball, so if it comes straight back to me, I can take off.

  • By an amazing coincidence two of his daughters gave birth to bouncing babies on the same day.

  • Even with difficult bouncing balls he was able to hit the target with almost every shot and that has to be encouraging.

  • Ever been invited to follow the bouncing ball across a line of lyrics on a movie screen?

  • Follow the bouncing ball to see exactly how outrageous this deal is.

  • However, this move did little to change their luck and they went a further goal down when Dave Jones neatly flicked the ball over Mendoza, beating the defence to the bouncing ball.

  • I traversed out to cloudy California for a few days to visit some friends, including their newest addition, a bouncing baby boy.

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