bounce Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of bounce

Definition of bounce


(of a check) be returned by a bank when there are insufficient funds to meet it.

The cheque bounced and he was eventually forced to sell his business.

(of a person) jump repeatedly up and down, typically on something springy.

He bounces happily up and down on his piano stool.

(of an object, especially a ball) move quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it; rebound (once or repeatedly).

The ball bounced off the wall, off the floor and back into his hand.

a rebound of a ball or other object.

a bad bounce caused the ball to get away from the second baseman

an act of jumping or an instance of being moved up and down.

Not wanting to be left behind I did as I was told, ignoring the dull ache caused with every bounce of my tiring body.

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Example of bounce

  • A pitch of consistent bounce and enough pace to hurry the ball on to the bat aided confident strokeplay.

  • A small bounce in share prices and the picture will look quite different.

  • Better to monitor your account so you never bounce a check.

  • But what was interesting about the bounce was that it was not accompanied by a rise in the corporate bond market.

  • For every million photons of light hitting the mirror, only a few are lost with each bounce off this surface.

  • He had to leave the field with a broken nose from a bad bounce .

  • he was admired for his ability to bounce back from injury

  • He was such a natural batsman and could adapt so easily to the differing bounce in the pitch.

  • Her basket no longer swung jauntily from its place at the crook of her elbow, nor did she bounce gaily on the springy moss beneath her feet.

  • I jumped on my bed, and landed with a satisfactory bounce , and just lay there - sprawled and tangled in my blankets.