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a person engaged in scientific or technical research.

The team of boffins used the computer to find the period of a mathematical function, one of the basic maths building blocks of modern cryptography, doing so in the equivalent of a single CPU cycle.

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Example of boffin

  • A boffin has invented a car that runs on grass, or pigeon poo, or privet cuttings.

  • A big boffiny welcome to our new resident who, with his extensive knowledge of web programming and the open-source community, strengthens and extends our existing technical expertise.

  • a computer boffin

  • Aircraft factories broke production records, and a brand-new air defence system was improvised by a mixture of eccentric boffins and a bright young staff of mostly female technicians.

  • Although collectors of real Dylan bootlegs will have been aware of this material for years, this spruced-up authorised version is another technical feat from the Columbia boffins .

  • Analysts and IT boffins are confident that the technology is going to be mainstream before very long.

  • As a small business owner, you are not only the head honcho, but also the bean counter, chief salesman, IT boffin , tax specialist and marketing guru too.

  • BBC1 will devote a Saturday night to the experiment, which should sort out boffins from buffoons by completing a set of brain-teasers.

  • Being a boffin , I had access to computers a generation before most people did and I still have a copy of the first program I wrote - in 1967.

  • By getting his name on the starring list, John has qualified to join a bizarre game created by computer boffins at Virginia University in the US which links actors through their films.