Definition of blunders


a stupid or careless mistake.

In other words, forgiveness is for real sin, not for foibles, mistakes, excusable blunders , and things we can't help.

make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily.

I couldn't really have blundered on anything quite as good as this.

blunders definition and meaning. What does blunders definination?

Example of blunders

  • A stooped, blind old man blunders into the room and says: ‘Help, help me, they say I have no appointment today.’

  • Any objective observer must report that the universe, if it is the product of conscious design, is clear proof that the designer is incompetent, a blunderer , an all-thumbs amateur who should not be allowed back into the workshop.

  • As a matter of fact this whole rising, if it could be called that, was a succession of blunders , mistakes and errors.

  • At the start of the new millennium, the corporate world witnessed major fiascos and ethical blunders .

  • Health chiefs, who described the blunder as an ‘oversight’, have been ordered by a sheriff to explain how up to 250 tissue slides were exchanged.

  • History books tell us that wars are messy, chaotic and even nations fighting just causes make horrid moral mistakes and battlefield blunders .

  • I blundered past trees, and tripped over boulders that seemed determined to bring me to the ground.

  • I even sent some signed sheets of paper to England hoping that he blundered his moves by falsely handing my units over to him, it helped but he was not to be the danger.

  • I just blundered into it, but once I began to see how I would be free in the material, I was very happy.

  • If a mosquito blunders into one, it sizzles and makes a sparkle of flame; if you touch the wires yourself by mistake, you get a shock.

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