blots Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of blots

Definition of blots


a dark mark or stain, typically one made by ink, paint, or dirt.

Its white breast was bordered by broad dark swaths and had a dark blot right in the center.

cover writing or pictures with ink or paint so that they cannot be seen.

I have thought of blotting these words out with sand and starting again, but the Goddess speaks powerfully in me, and makes me bow my head to Her will.

dry (a wet surface or substance) using an absorbent material.

When you have finished applying the second coat of lipstick, blot the centre of your lips.

mark or stain (something).

Some of the ink had blotted already, spattered with black blood as it was - but it was still readable.

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Example of blots

  • A little colour also washes out of heavily toned prints, which should be blotted or squeegeed after washing, so the colour does not continue to bleed.

  • After blotting away the excess of lipid, the grids were plunged in liquid ethane.

  • After collecting the last samples, protein extracts were prepared and protein gel blot was performed.

  • And he blots his face now, to prove to us he is not oily!

  • As you wish, also you will not be looking at ink blots .

  • But the long-term effects appeared to be a new blot on his already tarnished record and a setback for the opposition, which failed to keep its promise of a nonviolent demonstration.

  • Crucially, there were two faint marks in the text that could either be full stops or else accidental blots of ink, thereby casting doubt on the intended meaning of the text.

  • DNAs were digested with restriction enzymes, separated on agarose gel, and blotted onto a nylon membrane.

  • Eighteen candidate clones from the genomic library were digested with a series of restriction enzymes, Southern blotted , and hybridized with the same probe.

  • For example, could it be that Nostradamus's quatrains were like ink blots - not really foretelling anything but permitting people to fit future history to rather nebulous poems?