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Synonyms of blob


Definition of blob


a drop of a thick liquid or other viscous substance.

blobs of paint

binary large objects.

put small drops of thick liquid or spots of color on.

I blobbed some hot-melt glue on the backs of the boards and pressed them into place.

blob definition and meaning. What does blob definination?

Example of blob

  • ‘I was thinking we'd stop at this town,’ he pointed to a blob on the map with his free hand, suddenly needing to change the topic.

  • a badly printed blob on shopping bags

  • a big pink blob of a face was at the window

  • A good blob of moisturizer on your face will help your skin retain water, making sure it stays soft and supple.

  • a leathery blob commonly known as a sea squirt

  • A white blob was smeared across the lower part of his abdomen.

  • And back in the 90s, some other scientists studied age-old chunks of a mystery blob from 1869.

  • Every coloured blob indicates a weekend shutdown along part of a particular line.

  • I sign the verse, then drop a blob of wax underneath and make a thumb-print.

  • If anything ever looked more like a bug splat on a car windshield or a blob of ice cream dropped on a sidewalk - it just has to be the asterisk.