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Definition of blend


a mixture of different things or qualities.

A synergistic blend of healing substances, according to ayurveda, delivers a holistic benefit that is greater than the sum of its parts.

mix (a substance) with another substance so that they combine together as a mass.

The four herbs are blended together and then brought to boiling point for ten minutes.

blend definition and meaning. What does blend definination?

Example of blend

  • blend the cornflour with a tablespoon of water

  • A cashmere blend definitely deserves to be more expensive.

  • Also featured there is a display panel in the corporate blue of the university's logo, plus green and lilac to blend with the furnishing.

  • Also, makers of branded wines can blend grapes, which means when one vineyard or region has a bad year, the wine doesn't have to suffer.

  • Although the perfume contains no whisky, the blend of ingredients is chosen to recreate the traditional smoky and peaty smells of island malts such as Talisker and Laphroaig.

  • An early example is the word motorcade, formed as a blend of motor and cavalcade, which created a new suffix - cade that has been used in words like aerocade, aquacade and even camelcade and tractorcade.

  • An inspired blend of four different lavenders on a base of rosemary and thyme, it will make all your linens smell as good as sheets hung out to dry on a warm summer's day.

  • Any band that can blend an odd mixture of garage rock and southern jive automatically qualifies as good.

  • But Scalito is a different kind of onomastic blend : an epithet combining elements of two names to suggest a resemblance of one named person to the other.

  • costumes, music, and lighting all blend together beautifully

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