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Synonyms of blacksmith

Definition of blacksmith


a person who makes and repairs things in iron by hand.

They could be repaired by local blacksmiths , a process that usually involved laying on a new steel bit.

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Example of blacksmith

  • Although the young town had its own blacksmiths , wheelwrights, shoemakers and ropemakers, it never developed its own business centre.

  • Gradually the business changed from supplying shoe irons for blacksmiths to making nails.

  • He walks to a blacksmith and procures a hot forging iron that he plans to use in retaliation.

  • In response, the poor fought back, organising themselves into amateur guerrilla groups and arming themselves with guns made by local blacksmiths .

  • In some states, statutes specifically give farriers, horse shoers, or blacksmiths liens on horses they have shod.

  • In the alternate world site, players pick jobs and produce goods: blacksmiths make iron tools; tailors make shirts.

  • It is a pity that we never thought of the thousands of cobblers, weavers or blacksmiths who were crowded out because of globalisation.

  • Now he is working with a blacksmith to produce a metal band to hold the trunk together.

  • Originally fashioned from wrought iron designed and forged by blacksmiths , today's ornamental fencing is crafted using modern materials and current production techniques.

  • Shops and open markets lined the streets, blacksmiths and leather shops had iron workings and hides tanning outside.