Definition of bits


a mouthpiece, typically made of metal, that is attached to a bridle and used to control a horse.

It seems there are different opinions as to whether the rein attached to the bit should be left on, in addition to the direct one.

a small piece, part, or quantity of something.

I've been trying to identify what bits of the blog work well (that these bits should even exist may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, I'm sure) and what bits don't work so well.

a tool or piece for boring or drilling, typically of metal.

Most boring bits , at first glance, may look the same except for size.

a unit of 12 1 / 2 cents (used only in even multiples).

the sideshow admission was twenty-five cents, two bits, the fourth of a dollar

a unit of information expressed as either a 0 or 1 in binary notation.

How do we turn these unique numbers - known as code points in the Unicode universe - into bits and bytes?

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