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Definition of bicameral


(of a legislative body) having two branches or chambers.

The legislative branch consists of a bicameral National Congress.

bicameral definition and meaning. What does bicameral definination?

Example of bicameral

  • A bicameral parliament with a Senate and a House of Assembly has only advisory functions.

  • De facto bicameralism offers a strong counterweight to any potential centralization of power.

  • In succeeding years, the government adopts a cabinet system, a bicameral parliament, and focuses the economy on industrialization.

  • Jamaica, a member of the British Commonwealth, has a bicameral parliamentary legislative system.

  • Legislative power resides in a bicameral parliament composed of the Assemblée Nationale and the Senat (Senate).

  • Of course, a main reason for bicameralism is that an upper house is supposed to check the lower house should ‘passion’ overtake the lower house and result in ill-conceived legislation.

  • Others, however, pertain to the structure of the government itself, and may not, in the first instance, have anything to do with individual rights at all, as, for example, a traditional adherence to bicameralism .

  • Repeal of the amendment would restore both federalism and bicameralism .

  • Since when does a Treaty have greater force than our basic constitutional principle of bicameralism ?

  • Spain is a parliamentary monarchy with a bicameral legislature.

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