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Definition of bevies


a large group of people or things of a particular kind.

Maybe the 53-year-old singer looks a little out of place standing among a bevy of beautiful models in a music video.

bevies definition and meaning. What does bevies definination?

Example of bevies

  • A bevy of consumer products fill our everyday lives.

  • A bevy of local dignitaries lunge forward to meet and greet.

  • A bevy of Party spokesmen went on television interview programs Sunday to justify the advertising campaign.

  • A bevy of serial artistes, including film stars, share experiences with viewers in another programme.

  • A bevy of swallows took wing at his entrance, the timid rabbit fled at his intrusive step, and a green lizard glided from beneath the hand with which he supported his agitated frame against one of the columns.

  • A bevy of white-shirted staff hovered around us, thrusting into our hands rather scruffy menus, more suited to the takeaway side of the business than the restaurant.

  • Apart from enriching a bevy of lawyers, the tribunals have yielded little.

  • Everyone in the cast was superb, a bevy of attractive young girls and handsome young men who could all sing, dance and act with such enthusiasm.

  • Filling in their sound with a bevy of horns, keyboards and synthesizers, the explosive troupe leaves a larger than life impression on their audiences.

  • For example, do you ever see a quail with a bevy of sparrows?

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