benignant Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of benignant

Definition of benignant


kindly and benevolent.

an old man, with a face noble and benignant

benignant definition and meaning. What does benignant definination?

Example of benignant

  • A trained SVM and one expert chest radiologist classified 136 cases to benignancy and malignancy.

  • And his majesty received them kindly and benignantly , and ordered that they should be treated like his other subjects and vassals.

  • But his visitor smiled benignantly , and thrusting his hands into his pockets as he rose, hummed, ‘Over the water to Charlie.’

  • Dr. Johnson smiled benignantly at this, and did not appear to disapprove of the notion.

  • For decision support, other kinds of likelihood of malignancy or benignancy and retrieval based on similar other breast images were constructed.

  • Generally, two years of stability is necessary to document benignancy .

  • He floats across the stage in his black robes and black headgear, soaking up the applause of the audience, smiling benignantly , doing his little bows, radiating peace and goodwill.

  • He possessed great erudition and piety, was of a most mild and tranquil disposition, and of a calm and benignant temper.

  • I found him kind and benignant in the domestic circle, revered and beloved by all around him, agreeably social, without ostentation.

  • It is a rare and benignant disease, occurring in young men 10 to 25 years old.