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Definition of believe


accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

Her parents told police that she explained to them she had swallowed the liquid by accident, believing it was something else.

hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose.

He believes that moving to Rochdale Infirmary will add to the already difficult parking problems.

believe definition and meaning. What does believe definination?

Example of believe

  • "It looks pretty bad for him, Mrs. Donovan," said Diana, "but even so I can't believe it of him either-I won't believe it."

  • Again, faith seems to me to be manifest in both a commitment to believe and mere mental inertia.

  • Although the City didn't quite think that was true, they were inclined to believe him.

  • Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead

  • Culture concerns beliefs and practices and we are responsible for what we believe and do.

  • don't believe those lies

  • Experts believe that these extreme weather events are likely to become much more frequent.

  • Faith is in crisis because few really believe and those that do are regarded as lunatics.

  • God asks us to overcome what we cannot see, take a leap of faith and believe and trust in him.

  • He asked me to meet him and I believe that was on the same day as the telephone call.

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