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(especially of a chimney) send (smoke or flames) out or up.

After nearly half an hour, the lorry rolls out of hiding, belching charcoal-black smoke.

an act of belching.

Danielle let out a small belch , surprising Billie.

emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.

Like this: until you've taught your child to say ‘excuse me’ after they belch or pass wind, you have no idea how many times the latter occurs on any given day.

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Example of belch

  • ‘Well, I did get her attention when I threw six strikes in a row and then belched ,’ Miki chuckled.

  • A deep belch from Robert sent her into a fit of laughter.

  • All three are efficient, economic and most importantly belch no smoke and make little noise.

  • And then, not long after, this other girl, whom I suspect is in my French class, gives a loud belch .

  • As Adam opened his mouth to place a piece of meat in it, a long, loud belch escaped, seeming to reverberate indefinitely in the open dining room.

  • Because it's a real person, isn't it, one who belches in your face?

  • Bo let out a loud belch and waved his hand as an excuse.

  • Brett let out a loud belch without a word of apology.

  • But for now he is enjoying his life in Sicily - including the view from his balcony of Mount Etna belching volcanic smoke…

  • Danielle let out a small belch , surprising Billie.

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