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Synonyms of beaters

Definition of beaters


a dilapidated but serviceable car.

He drove 25 miles to Sioux Falls, where a family friend spotted the old beater and called the police.

a means of defeating or preventing something.

a recession-beater

a person who hits someone or something, in particular.

an implement or machine used for beating.

In Manchester the chief officer has been ordering two firefighters in a van to respond to grass fires - without water and equipped only with beaters .

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Example of beaters

  • ‘We don't drive very far, and we need to repair 'em ourselves,’ the beater 's owner later tells me.

  • A detachment of young peasants had been designated as beaters .

  • A helicopter was placed on standby to assist as steady winds fanned the flames despite firefighters and National Park officials directing six hosereel jets on to the fire and beating out hotspots with rubber beaters .

  • A top 10 hit is merely a college radio staple, and I'm downgraded from a Benz to a beater .

  • Acting as the beaters , the infantry platoon is to clear the woods for the enemy eyes forward.

  • After the war he was engaged for about nine years in mining and then entered the rolling-mill at Leechburg, where he was a beater for eight years.

  • As employing beaters for driven shoots is expensive, there has been a big rise in ‘walked-up’ shoots, when a small group of gunmen walk across land and drive their own birds up into the air.

  • As the beaters come within range and the sky darkens, a whistle indicates that the day is over - and when we assemble back at the road, I am astonished.

  • Fire-fighting tools such as beaters and knapsack sprayers should be to hand and ready to use.

  • Got back in the car, started their car again, which is a bit of an old beater , and it backfired, apparently.