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a small piece of glass, stone, or similar material, typically rounded and perforated for threading with others as a necklace or rosary or for sewing onto fabric.

So she rounded up glass beads , semi-precious stones, and sterling silver wire and created her collection of one-of-a-kind rings.

cover (a surface) with drops of moisture.

She came out of the bathroom with the pictures of the training facility, then used her mini blow dryer to dry the water which beaded the surface of the prints.

decorate or cover with beads.

Layer fringe and ribbon, different fringe lengths, or beaded and fabric trims.

something resembling a bead or a string of beads, in particular.

The PSGL - 1 was covalently coupled to the polystyrene beads , and so unlikely to break.

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Example of bead

  • ‘You're an idiot,’ I told myself as I let the hot steamy water bead down my body.

  • A smooth, uniform bead along the weld line is ideal.

  • After tooling, you can remove the masking and you'll find a very nice looking straight, clean, smooth bead of tooled caulk.

  • Another advantage of this technology is that it prevents any geometric dispersion of the structure by simply acting on the thickness of the bead of cement.

  • Bit-by-bit the bead of a gun sight assembled in her mind's eye and nestled between his thick eyebrows.

  • By contrast, Salem makers almost never used a single bead on the inside edge, preferring widely or closely spaced double beads.

  • Despite the cold, a single clear bead of sweat slid down her chest.

  • For example, a polystyrene bead can be given a digital spectral code by impregnating it with some combination of blue, green and red quantum dots.

  • I am pretty certain that your gun's bead is threaded, but I don't know the size offhand.

  • I was appreciating each bead of water that hit my body.