bawl Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of bawl

Definition of bawl


a loud, unrestrained shout.

Her words were buried under assorted bawls , bellows, and roars; now it sounded like ten minutes past feeding time at the zoo.

shout or call out noisily and unrestrainedly.

She was screaming and bawling out uncontrollably.

weep or cry noisily.

So, I cried on the way home for lunch, got Don on his cell phone, and bawled my little eyes out (not so hard as to cry my contacts out, which I have done, but that's a story for another day).

bawl definition and meaning. What does bawl definination?

Example of bawl

  • 'I then hear cuffing sounds and screams and bawls for help,' the teary-eyed relative said.

  • ‘As a paid officer, a hired hand, he isn't there to shout and bawl at an elected member,’ Coun Jarvis added.

  • ‘The fans pay their money, they're entitled to do what they like and they're entitled to shout and bawl ,’ says Davies, sitting with lanky striker Derek Townsley and chief executive Pat Nevin.

  • Animated figures of women washed clothes, babies bawled , roosters crowed, blacksmiths worked at their forges.

  • Anyone else in your situation would be bawling like a baby.

  • At that point, even Tommy got frightened by the noise and began to bawl , but in order to find out who was the intruder I tried to keep the baby quiet.

  • Have a bawl on the karaoke, or test your powers of creative writing in the fun quiz, because the emphasis is definitely on fun.

  • he addressed every class in a terrifying bawl

  • He stepped up his voice each time until he was bawling out his message.

  • He went still, the old urge taking over, homing in on the sound like a cow hearing the bawl of her calf.