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Definition of baulk

baulk definition and meaning. What does baulk definination?

Example of baulk

  • A family of Tamil shipwrights were adzing baulks of timber into banana-shaped fishing rafts.

  • A survey carried out by the council says that much of the land has been mined below the legal limit, and there were no baulks of peat left to prevent the area from being completely drained.

  • Air Force Honcho enjoyed plenty of luck in running last week after being baulked early on and may not enjoy a trouble free passage either this time.

  • An original plan to make sure all taxis were painted black-and-yellow was dumped after cabbies baulked at the cost.

  • Because of the balk , both runners advanced one base, giving the Twins a 5-4 victory.

  • But some councillors privately have baulked at the new boards, which they see as a ‘hoop-jumping exercise’ designed to get the Government off the council's back.

  • For a few days, the big banks responsible for allocating the world's capital baulked at doing business with each other, fearful that their counterparts' credit would go bad.

  • Having been baulked on his second run, Campbell had a re-run, in which he made full use of the clear track to break the 94s barrier and secure victory.

  • He broke, Burnett left the white pinned awkwardly against the balk cushion - and from there, McCulloch knocked in a long red.

  • He nudged Cochise towards the sound but the pinto out and out balked and refused to take another step.