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barmiest definition and meaning. What does barmiest definination?

Example of barmiest

  • Actually, we thought he was a lunatic - quite literally: he went barmy when the moon was full.

  • As he was led away to the cells, Palmer swore and shouted: ‘What a waste of taxpayers' money - it's barmy .’

  • But the over-protective hothouse mentality is barmy .

  • Do we really pay people to come to such barmy decisions?

  • Doolittle in My Fair Lady, is back on more familiar ground in this barmy story, littered with Wilde's razor-sharp one-liners.

  • Feeling hungry having not eaten since breakfast, we had a Chinese meal for tea and watched Second Hand Lions which is a fantastic film about a boy growing up with his two barmy uncles.

  • He draws out great performances from his cast as well - Peter Kelly's barmy theatre owner and David Ireland as his bumbling nemesis being just two examples.

  • If you were barmy enough to believe that the Commies really would infiltrate the corridors of power through brain-washing, then you were barmy enough to believe anything.

  • In addition, the unceasing soundtrack of light, R & B-influenced pop and mild-mannered rock is sending me slightly barmy .

  • On his own return to the Tory frontbench, Mr Hague said: ‘I must be mad, actually, I am obviously barmy .’

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