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Synonyms of barber

Definition of barber

a person who cuts hair, especially men's, and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

The local barber has one serious failing for a member of his profession: he cannot cut hair and talk at the same time.

cut or trim (a man's hair).

He set foot in Tubbercurry before World War Two, in 1935 and commenced barbering in town.

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Example of barber

  • A portion of the immigrants were skilled artisans who typically replicated their old-world crafts of shoemaking and repairing, tailoring, carpentry, and barbering .

  • Anyway, the shaver was a big step up from Mom's original barbering tool: A comb with a razor-blade attachment that she learned to use by experimenting on my dad, my brother, my uncle Clifford and me.

  • As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Clinton in his chair reached for the aftershave.

  • Bernardine who trained as a hairdresser at a private college in London's West End, has garnered many years experience in hairstyling, barbering and colouring and has won international awards for salon management.

  • Come Monday he would have his hair cut and take a post-weekend shave at the in-house barbers .

  • Everyone in Singapore knows him, even if only as the guy who got sued so much that he can't afford to get a barber to trim his monstrous sideburns.

  • For barbers , hair stylists and clothes sellers, business has never been better.

  • He had dabbled in linguistics, ancient languages, cartography; he had put in a short stint at barbering and a shorter stint at fry cook.

  • He had left for a little while to the barber to be shaved, but came right back.

  • He set foot in Tubbercurry before World War Two, in 1935 and commenced barbering in town.