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Definition of baker


a person who makes bread and cakes, especially commercially.

At the bottom of the scale were trades serving local markets, such as carpenters, masons, bakers , or shoemakers.

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Example of baker

  • a bread baker

  • a waffle baker

  • Also, note that the baker 's production of bread gives rise to his demand for money.

  • Betting each other that it is easier to be a breadwinner than a bread baker , the couples trade places for a day.

  • By taking the cake home and endorsing it among my circle of acquaintances, I would be growing my mother's reputation as a baker of cakes.

  • By the 1790s he had left the baker 's trade to become a tanner and evidently prospered as a master artisan.

  • Given that she was clearly going to Sofia to buy cheap costume jewellery, obviously having purchased and draped herself in everything her village had in stock (or she had mugged a baker's dozen of chalga singers to get it all)

  • He gathered swans' eggs and sold them to the baker in Akaroa.

  • He made a baker's dozen of films between 1958 and 1989.

  • Henry's father was a baker by trade but lost his job during the depression and he was forced to sell apples on the street corner to save the family from starvation.