bait Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of bait

Definition of bait


deliberately annoy or taunt (someone).

I wondered if he was just trying to bait me, jokingly tease me.

food used to entice fish or other animals as prey.

This week we will look at introducing bait to get the fish feeding in the right areas.

prepare (a hook, trap, net, or fishing area) with bait to entice fish or animals as prey.

They learn how to fish, including how to bait the hook, tie knots and rig tackle, even back up a trailer and dock a boat.

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Example of bait

  • And after a few days of dangling it in front of you like bait , which you were all smart enough not to jump at, he never did call her.

  • Even to those who consistently disagree with and bait me, I appreciate your comments and thoughts because you keep me thinking.

  • Fishing is allowed; however, your child should not bait the hook, take the fish off the hook, or clean the fish.

  • He was smart enough by now not to take the bait and sighed as he pulled into a parking spot.

  • herrings make excellent bait for pike

  • I believe this is a red herring that has worked well in past arguments and you keep hoping for someone to take the bait once again.

  • I wondered if he was just trying to bait me, jokingly tease me.

  • If only 100 recipients take the bait , it is worthwhile since emails cost next to nothing to output.

  • If you are so against feuds being artificially built up by the media then don't take the bait and shoot your mouth off in response.

  • In the Middle Ages they were used to chase wild boar, to bait bulls and were also used as bodyguards.