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Definition of awakings


an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

Should my credit card ever be compromised, though, the thief would be in for a rude awakening as my credit limit is pretty low.

awakings definition and meaning. What does awakings definination?

Example of awakings

  • After the age of 40 our sleep patterns change, and we have many more nocturnal awakenings than in our younger years.

  • And it may also involve early morning awakenings without being able to go back to sleep.

  • But memories of prior political awakenings that ended disastrously were revived when the Polish military cracked down in 1981.

  • Due to awkward sexual awakenings and a suffocating family life, Rita is a ticking time-bomb.

  • High school teen movies are abundant yet generally focus more on social and sexual awakenings than education and uniformity.

  • His political awakenings stem from the Suez crisis while he was still at school.

  • I noted how a number of these patients experienced a personal transformation or an awakening following their consultation.

  • In about 50% of laboratory awakenings from slow wave sleep some sort of subjective experience is reported.

  • In addition to the reduction in daily pain intensity, the patients were able to obtain better sleep with fewer night awakenings .

  • In addition to this, most sufferers also experience awakenings and restlessness during their usual nighttime sleeping hours.

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