Definition of attaches


attribute importance or value to.

The Scottish Executive is attaching considerable importance to attempts to attract major sporting and cultural events to Scotland.

fasten; join.

It also functions as a 2-inch camera adaptor, allowing cameras to be attached to 2-inch eyepiece holders.

seize (a person's property) by legal authority.

the court attached his wages for child support

attaches definition and meaning. What does attaches definination?

Example of attaches

  • attach the trailer securely to the car

  • attach your safety line to the bridge

  • 5 seconds later I realise that I haven't attached my CV.

  • A foreign ministry spokeswoman said in Beijing: ‘The Chinese government attaches great importance to the incident.’

  • But I expect the American public to attach increasing importance to cleaner environments.

  • But there were still certain conditions to be attached , so far as most of the female players were concerned.

  • For the public record, the complete text has been attached as Appendix I.

  • He attaches a slightly more elaborate PDF document telling me what's wrong with the government's plans.

  • He attaches great importance to merit and disdains quotas.

  • He attaches value to the need to meet sufficient live weight targets for heifers.

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