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Definition of assume


suppose to be the case, without proof.

I assume it's supposed to prove some point, although I don't exactly know what.

take on (a specified quality, appearance, or extent).

Driven by a penetrating east wind, it drifted until every hollow and depression was filled and the landscape assumed the appearance of a vast white prairie.

take or begin to have (power or responsibility).

It should assume full responsibility and accept creditors' demands for additional collateral.

assume definition and meaning. What does assume definination?

Example of assume

  • A state of emergency is declared and the army threatens to assume control if order is not restored.

  • All of this could enable the interim government to assume real power and control in coming months and set the stage for an elected government to take over in January.

  • At least, I assume it was supposed to be amusing, because I glanced once at it, and burned the foul thing as soon as decency allowed.

  • Both, for obscure hedonistic purposes, assume the false name Ernest only to find that their respective paramours, Cecily and Gwendolen, will spurn any man who does not go by that name.

  • Chance remarks of the Allied leaders sometimes tended to assume the quality of self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • Despite all this help, the work remains my own, and I assume full responsibility for any shortcomings or errors.

  • don't assume that people will listen

  • Her real ordeals begin when her husband starts to assume responsibility for his recovery.

  • However, the underlying fact remains that the area is in the grip of a severe water contamination problem which is threatening to assume epidemic proportions in the coming days.

  • I assume you know the way there

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