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Definition of association


(often in names) a group of people organized for a joint purpose.

The visit concluded with a joint committee of both associations on Sunday morning.

a connection or cooperative link between people or organizations.

In association with the Environmental Section of Limerick County Council we will be organising a parish clean-up shortly.

a mental connection between ideas or things.

Well, this scent is not a smell that is detected with the nose; it is an information scent, based on our mental associations between concepts.

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Example of association

  • According to a survey of 150 association members, regular maintenance has not been done for nearly 20 years in some areas.

  • AIDS has a strong association with taking drugs

  • As a second step, one must demonstrate the presence of association between menstrual shame and body shame.

  • business association

  • But last month it was revealed that more than 40 association members had signed a petition calling for her deselection.

  • Campaigns under the leadership of public health workers and residential association members will help create awareness among public about the importance of safe disposal of garbage.

  • cases of cancer found in association with colitis

  • Each of these habitat types has its own association of species.

  • he developed a close association with the university

  • he had a very early association with drugs

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