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Synonyms of assert


Definition of assert


state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.

That is, is there any constitutional fact which is asserted about time limits, time element or the like?

assert definition and meaning. What does assert definination?

Example of assert

  • Are the parents asserting a religious belief or conviction?

  • At a later stage, the tenant was able to assert his rights to possession of the land against anyone who dispossessed him.

  • But surely if any religious creed is to have validity it has to assert its authority over science?

  • But these assertors assert the opposite of this.

  • Even if copyright expires, the court ruled, common law can be applied to assert the rights of the original owner.

  • Failure to do so, he asserts , would be a Doomsday scenario.

  • For his era, he's no different from anyone else: what a father did to assert his authority was take his belt off.

  • Had there been concerns about any aspect of the process it can confidently be asserted that they would have found expression.

  • He takes them on a fishing trip to a remote island, cruelly asserting his authority en route.

  • How strong are you in the face of someone trying to assert authority over you through their verbal abuse?