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Definition of arrange


adapt (a composition) for performance with instruments or voices other than those originally specified.

Much of the story is told via songs written and sung by me, and arranged by composer Hans Zimmer.

organize or make plans for (a future event).

Another meeting with regard to the proposed Mussel Festival is arranged for this evening, Wednesday, at 8.30 in the Community Centre.

put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order.

On the white table, the fine silverware had been arranged in order.

settle (a dispute or claim).

the quarrel, partly by the interference of the crown prince, was arranged

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Example of arrange

  • Alternative accommodation will be available for those who need it - please contact us in advance to arrange it.

  • An airline which no longer operates has no obligation to arrange return flights or accommodation for its passengers.

  • And even if you don't want to switch, make sure that you at least arrange an overdraft in advance so you can avoid any nasty surprises in the New Year.

  • As director, producer and arranger he has worked on many albums in various studios throughout Ireland and has worked with many different musicians.

  • Bowls of soup, plates of bread, and small dishes of jam and butter had been arranged in careful order.

  • Bring your own scuba gear, or have Joan arrange rental equipment in advance.

  • Carlow Tourism arrange host family accommodation for a number of language schools who organise for foreign students to travel to Carlow during the year.

  • Constant Lambert arranged bits of Meyerbeer to create the skating ballet Les Patineurs, which also is chock-full of good tunes.

  • Hardwick airfield is on private property, so you need to arrange your visit in advance.

  • I arranged to meet them later after I had found a place to stay.

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