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Definition of armors


provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses.

I survived only by mentally armoring myself by humming tunes and sketches from the Muppets to myself.

the metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.

He was dressed like a centurion, with titanium armor protecting his every body part.

armors definition and meaning. What does armors definination?

Example of armors

  • A beard of several days darkened his face, and nearly every bit of mail, leather and armor plate that he wore seemed to have acquired some blemish or other.

  • a suit of armor

  • All the posters showed the same image: a gladiator, clad in full battle armor , drinking a bottle of strange blue liquid.

  • BA said all its 340 planes would get a full-length metal armour plate fitted, which will substantially reinforce cockpit door exteriors and prevent unauthorised access to the flight deck.

  • Beneath the social armour of her Galliano jacket, Gucci trousers and Manolos, her beauty is as fragile as porcelain.

  • By using removable armor plate and removable side panels, the seat is completely concealed when not being used.

  • Clad in a suit of white armor and flying her own standard she liberated France from the English at the battle of Orleans.

  • Everyone enters adulthood with a whole lot of emotional armour and they erect walls about them - suspicious and very guarded.

  • For example, during the Middle Ages in Europe, knights dressed in suits of armor and rode into battle on powerful horses.

  • He then attacked the isolated defense with infantry and armor from different axes.