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Definition of arachic


very old or old-fashioned.

That is why we profess a spiritual kinship with primitive and archaic art.

arachic definition and meaning. What does arachic definination?

Example of arachic

  • ‘The newspaper industry prices itself in a way that is at best archaic and at worst antediluvian,’ he says.

  • And then we got Greek naturalism coming along within 50 years, I mean, it was from the archaic period to the high classical period.

  • Because they are short or perceived as popular, certain archaic words survive in newspaper usage: agog, foe, hustings, scribe, slay.

  • By discovering the archaic roots of Indian culture, he came to understand the deep structures of his own national folklore.

  • Concerning the archaic period, Reed admits that he is engaging in ‘cautious guesswork’.

  • Concerts were staged in Hebrew and archaic Spanish, and ancient folklore dances were performed on Sunday.

  • Director of the Scottish Tourist Forum, Ivan Broussine, warned that archaic attitudes were threatening the health of the tourist industry.

  • He is often coupled with the archaic poet Hesiod who wrote the Theogony and Works and Days.

  • I believe that the archaic attitudes that were displayed in the past are being whittled away very consistently, and that we are now moving quite strongly towards a very commercially focused industry.

  • In any event, the development of pharmacological drugs and community-based programs causes laws on commitment to a hospital to be regarded as archaic vestiges of a bygone era.

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