approximation Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of approximation

Definition of approximation


a value or quantity that is nearly but not exactly correct.

What he is talking about is not an approximation to the Golden Mean.

approximation definition and meaning. What does approximation definination?

Example of approximation

  • First, the asymptotic results provide a very reasonable approximation for the velocity even for a much lower level of cooperativity.

  • For participants in the glue group, similar approximation was achieved with single circumferential application of tissue glue.

  • Here's a nice little political survey which gives you an approximation of where you are on the political spectrum.

  • In the Appendix, we use small v approximations to derive simple analytic approximations for the quantitative results from the models.

  • Matheson's method does give a very close approximation to the situation in 1890.

  • Most of the work in quantum mechanics was in the Galilean (or non-relativistic) approximation .

  • Most pocket cameras have a separate viewfinder: what you see is an approximation of what the lens is seeing.

  • Once Fido performs even a close approximation of the trick a reward follows.

  • Previously published methods for deriving Q have used eigen-decomposition of an approximation to P (t).

  • The approximations provide conservative control of the genome-wise type I error rate.