applause Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of applause
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Definition of applause


approval or praise expressed by clapping.

When the lights faded at the end of this play, there was no applause for a full minute.

applause definition and meaning. What does applause definination?

Example of applause

  • After a slightly slow start the audience did begin to warm up and there were some big laughs and rounds of applause .

  • After a very brief speech, he calls most of the actors and actresses from the wings, who come on to applause .

  • Already there is a low buzz of excitement, punctuated by the occasional outbreak of applause .

  • Attacking the bastions of privilege is still the easiest way for a politician to win a cheap round of applause .

  • Both sides engaged in an entertaining encounter which drew applause from the sizeable crowd.

  • Her advice to the youth on the virtues of hard work and diligence won a hearty round of applause .

  • I would like a round of applause for remembering all the right letters in the right words while being drunk.

  • let's have a round of applause for the women!

  • Strangely the crowd gave this the same polite applause as they had to the other points he had made.

  • That brought some unscripted applause , a sense of relief that at last he had said what so many had longed to hear.