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Definition of appear


come into sight; become visible or noticeable, typically without visible agent or apparent cause.

From time to time as a gap in the trees appears I catch sight of this glistening stretch of cobalt blue water below.

seem; give the impression of being.

So, trapped in the musty atmosphere of planet earth, they appear clumsy and fragile.

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Example of appear

  • Also, as a tip, your visible text should appear as close to the top of your HTML code as possible.

  • Another star who refused to appear on screen because he was forbidden from smoking in the studio was duly ridiculed on air.

  • As an adult you should pay particular attention to any growths which appear on the face or on the backs of the hands.

  • At least two men who appear to have arrived and left by car were involved in the incident just before 8.30 pm.

  • Canada's three major cities appear to be in some kind of rivalry with one another.

  • Colours that were not previously apparent subtly appear as the eye focuses on the space between colours.

  • For that matter it might equally have been counsel who the defendant wished to appear for him.

  • From these gigs a selection of the bands featured will be invited to appear on the album.

  • he didn't want to appear a fool

  • her name didn't appear on the list

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