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Synonyms of anywhere


Definition of anywhere


any place.

he doesn't have anywhere to live

in or to any place.

My mum won't go anywhere else and there will be lots more like her.

anywhere definition and meaning. What does anywhere definination?

Example of anywhere

  • And this hotel still has an allure you won't find anywhere else in the city.

  • At the right price, they agree to have a corporate logo tattooed on to their skin for anywhere between a few days and several years.

  • Estimates on when further action may start up range anywhere from three to nine months.

  • Foulds also said the delays could take anywhere from three to four weeks to straighten out.

  • He added the plans would be reviewed but it was important to note that Waterford was no worse than anywhere else.

  • he couldn't be found anywhere

  • he doesn't have anywhere to live

  • He goes through the advertising circulars and researches whether better prices are available anywhere else.

  • I could go anywhere in the world

  • I couldn't find a trace of them anywhere , with damned Wimbledon taking up all the space and time.