annoyances Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of annoyances
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Definition of annoyances


the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation.

a look of annoyance on his face

annoyances definition and meaning. What does annoyances definination?

Example of annoyances

  • annoyance at government interference

  • a look of annoyance on his face

  • Anger and annoyance at her came to me, as she just stood there, as if she had done nothing.

  • Blogspot has no pop-up ads or other annoyances currently.

  • Despite the many problems and annoyances , there were some bright spots to CMW, and these mostly came in the form of the performers.

  • Every aspect of its design is so accomplished and smoothly ergonomic that you barely notice the car is there, and drive with an enjoyment unencumbered by quirks or annoyances .

  • Fidgeting in annoyance at his guest, David couldn't help himself when he spoke up in an aggravated tone.

  • Further annoyances included his twitchy foot which he kept pounding excitedly against the floor next to my foot, and occasionally on top of it.

  • He also had a distinct air of annoyance at being given such a useless job.

  • He expressed his annoyance at the council having to employ a consultant from Britain to advise them.