announce Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of announce

Definition of announce


make a public and typically formal declaration about a fact, occurrence, or intention.

he announced his retirement from football

announce definition and meaning. What does announce definination?

Example of announce

  • ‘I feel deep sorrow and regret to announce the failure of the efforts we have exerted to end the crisis in Iraq peacefully,’ he said.

  • A white sign with black bold letters announced the names of the movies playing.

  • And in the wake of the heat wave, it prominently displays a notice announcing that the shop is air conditioned!

  • At the conclusion of Volume One, Bill closes the circle by announcing that the child, a little girl, is still alive.

  • Distantly he heard the intercom in the spaceport announce the shuttle was now disengaging maglocks, and any personnel not on board would have to catch the next flight.

  • During marital conflict they announce that they are not obliged to cover the expenses of the children.

  • For reasons you'll understand, we didn't want to announce our next guest ahead of time.

  • I picked up my guitar and walked off the stage as they announced the next person.

  • I walked through the door as Toby started to announce the next guest.

  • In one scene, a smiling soldier returns home from Baghdad, only to be handed a notice announcing that he has to go back.