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(of a movie or image) made using animation techniques.

In John Lassetter and Brad Bird, they have in my mind two of the four best animated filmmakers in the world, which is encouraging.

bring to life.

She is represented here as a sleeping earth goddess, reference to broad ancient principles of respect for the environment and to Aboriginal stories that animates the landscape with the presence and deeds of ancestral figures.

full of life or excitement; lively.

Akaru shook his head in wonder, never taking his eyes from her soft, lively, animated features.

give (a movie or character) the appearance of movement using animation techniques.

Not that long ago, it was a painstaking task to mix animated characters with real ones.

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Example of animated

  • Acclaim's attention to detail has even extended to the sidelines, where team mascots jump about and try to get the animated crowd excited.

  • an animated conversation

  • an animated version of the classic fairy tale

  • Author Margie Palatini employs word play, puns, and satire in this animated mystery, a lively spoof of the 1960s television series Dragnet.

  • Clocking at 115 minutes, the film is a technical marvel - the longest and most sophisticated CG animated film to date.

  • Finding Nemo, an animated film, uses animals to mirror some truths about family life.

  • For five years the Oscar - winning creator of Wallace and Gromit has been brooding over a very specific idea for an animated film: The Great Escape, only with chickens.

  • Girl 24 is an animated film employing stop-motion techniques in the style of Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay.

  • He was very excited and animated when he was brought to the new Keyspan Park in Brooklyn to throw out a first ball at the Mets minor league home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

  • He's brought us Spawn, incredibly detailed action figures, animated videos for Pearl Jam and Korn, and a whole lot more.