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Definition of amalgam


a mixture or blend.

It's a perfect amalgam of pleasurable celebration and cool-headed analysis.

amalgam definition and meaning. What does amalgam definination?

Example of amalgam

  • amalgam fillings

  • A curious amalgam of straight history and political pamphlet, it was relatively little read in antiquity, and its modern status has declined in recent years.

  • a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern

  • Another use of silver alloys is in dental amalgams .

  • At the velodrome on Dalgety Road, an amalgam of juniors and masters gathered from throughout the nation to attend the National Track titles.

  • Be it in the form of a cultural amalgam or fusion of art forms, innovations have striking features.

  • But it's clear that if it is to survive, dentists want the time to do more than 10-minute amalgams and 30-minute crowns.

  • Depending upon the decorative nature of his work, he may also have known how to gild metals with an amalgam of mercury and gold.

  • Devised in Norway, this is an amalgam of traditional approaches and Western psychology, with no religious bias.

  • His homily was an amalgam of humour, wisdom, and Gospel values.

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