alliance Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of alliance

Definition of alliance


a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.

Indeed, some of the founding organisations have left the alliance and struck out once again into glorious, and useless, isolation.

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Example of alliance

  • a defensive alliance between Australia and New Zealand

  • All of this activity will benefit the Australia-U.S. alliance across the board.

  • All the planets want us in alliance with them but we're trying to stay neutral.

  • an alliance between medicine and morality

  • Apparently the UK went to war in alliance with the US ‘to make our country safer’.

  • Australia is a status quo country in alliance with the greatest revisionist country in the world.

  • Because the socialists refused to take part in government, they forced the Radicals to rule alone or in alliance with the right.

  • Campaign to Stop Killer Coke, in alliance with students, also showed up to debate them.

  • Clinton acted in alliance with NATO partners and the United Nations.

  • Clive points me to the old Muslim Association of Britain website, dating from the days before it was in alliance with the Socialist Workers Party.